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Hillbilly Summer

Now I know the singer/songwriter Greg Klyma as a fairly serious fan of Hank Williams Sr.  As am I!  So when I mentioned to Greg that if he ever felt like doing some serious Hank on the Dixie Bee Line, well, he’d be welcome.  Lo and behold, he said, how about June 1st?   Well, OK!   So I sincerely hope you’re reading this blog when it first comes out, because then you can catch Greg doing his Hank Sr. tribute, along with lots of vintage recordings of Hank and others covering his songs.  I mean, isn’t that the greatest compliment to a songwriter, is for others to cover your songs?  Well, Hank Sr. was the best.  Yes, that’s my opinion, and if it’s not yours, I will make a concerted effort to make it so.  So tune in at 9pm sharp on June 1st for this special version of the Dixie Bee Line.

Now what if you’re reading this later in the month?  Fear not, I will have plenty of hard core hillbilly music to share with you.  In fact, on June 15th I will start out with some real swing and jazz, and morph it into the hillbilly genre so that you can see the origins and similarities.  Plus, they’re dang good tunes!  If you can keep your feet from moving while you’re listening to the Dixie Bee Line on any Saturday night this June, well then I’m just not doing my job.  But I think you will.

Please join me each Saturday night at 9pm Eastern time, right after Holly Spins the Blues, and we’ll take a trip through the golden years of hillbilly music; that’s blues, bluegrass, old-time country, country and western, western swing, rockabilly, truck-driving, drinking songs, and more.  Lots of unrequited love, death, and small critters… the themes of an awful lot of early music… things people held near and dear to their hearts.  Or stomachs, in the case of the small critters.

Hope to see you then.  Write to me!  Sincerely,

~ Jon G.,  jon.gersh@umb.edu

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