WUMB October Program Guide

Mavis Staples is 80!

We’re living in a unique time where many heritage artists of the past 50-60 years are still creating vibrant music well into later life. It’s a remarkable thing to hear artists like Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, and Leonard Cohen (before he passed at age 82 in 2016), continue to hone and define their sound decades after they first shared it with the world. To do it in a way that sounds fresh and full of energy; with purpose and inspiration, is a testament to their artistry and ability to communicate their vision to us. We haven’t witnessed anything like it until now; not in popular music and not to this level.

On Wednesday, July 10, Mavis Staples will celebrate her 80th birthday! I invite you to join WUMB’s Morning Show that day as we’ll dedicate every hourly feature to a different aspect of Mavis’ career. From the “Morning Reflection” at 6:25, to “This Day in Music History” at 7:25, to the “Wednesday Family Connection” feature at 8, to a special “Artist of the Day” feature at 9:10, we’ll do our best to convey what has made Mavis Staples the gracious and soulful artist she has been for decades, and continues to be today.

Listen from 6 to 10 AM on Wednesday, 7/10, at 91.9 FM in the Boston area or online at wumb.org.

~ Brendan

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