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Louisiana Swings on the Dixie Bee Line!

For the last few years there has been a growing cabal of terrific musicians in and around Lafayette Louisiana that have been putting out great, authentic, old-style, hard-core Country Music.  You might know some of these names, Kelli Jones-Savoy, Joel Savoy, Caleb Klauder, Courtney Granger, to name a few.  If you haven’t been keeping up with this trend, fear not!  Just tune into the Dixie Bee Line any Saturday from 9pm to Midnight (Eastern) and likely as not you’re going to hear some of this stuff mixed in with the other great hillbilly music of the 20th century.  Of course, these guys are 2nd generation, but don’t let that fool you, they have that old-time sensibility.

One of the principal founders of this scene, at least from a commercial perspective, was Jimmy C Newman.  He had a berth on the Grand Ole Opry out of Nashville, and that gave him a bully pulpit to spread Cajun music in the Country establishment, quite an accomplishment!   His most famous song belies his moniker of “Alligator Man.”  You can read about Jimmy C Newman on his own website.  Well, he’s passed on, but someone is maintaining this site:  http://jimmycnewman.net/   You can hear is famous song here on the Porter Wagoner TV Show:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bd_7mJ_IttE
Get a load of the sponsor’s poster in the background, “Black Draught Laxative Compound.”   Why is it that so many country music shows were sponsored by laxatives?  There must be a story there, but it will have to wait for another month  unknown.png
Better still, you can listen to the newly released tribute album from this gang I’m talking about in Lafayette.  It’s terrific.  You can listen on the Dixie Bee Line, but maybe you should buy this album?   Here’s a link, there are sample songs there, too.  You’ll really like them.

I hope you had a great summer!   Please tune into the Dixie Bee Line this Saturday at 9PM eastern, right after Holly Harris “Spins the Blues.”  Radio is good again on Saturday nights!


~ Jon G. 
p.s. write to me!   jon.gersh@umb.edu

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