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It’s a Thousand Pages, Give or Take a Few

I mean, it’s not…not right/write now.

What to write what to write what to write…

I seem to be suffering from a bit of writer’s block. Unfortunately, I don’t have a liquor cabinet handy to open up for inspiration like Celia Woodsmith and her “Bourbon Hound” song. Given the giant pile of books I just returned to the library & all the music in my phone “history,” perhaps I am in more of a content consumption mode than a content creation mode?

Regardless, I can tell you this in a succinct way: I’ve been very excited about all the September releases. I was hoping to listen to all of them all before the October releases started appearing. As today is October 3rd, I have 9 more listening hours to clear through the remaining September releases before the first round of October albums come out. Not sure if the odds are in my favor on this one but it doesn’t matter. I’ve already found 3 albums that I love & want to share with you:

1. Brittany HowardJaime: This album sounds like a lighter but more nuanced version of an Alabama Shakes album. It reminds me very much of really early Roberta Flack. Gorgeous.

2. The HighwomenThe Highwomen: I was really looking forward to hearing a studio collaboration from them after seeing some live videos. The songwriting is very relatable and it’s overall an easy listen. As I am often slow on the uptake…until I listened to this album, I did not realize how much Amanda Shires can sound like Dolly Parton.

3. Sturgill SimpsonSound & Fury: I recommend listening to this on a proper stereo. He uses various production techniques & random sounds to create an enveloping soundscape. It works on earbuds but it becomes an experience when you let it fill the room.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on any other new things I find via the social medias.
As we are now in October, aside from finishing up my September listening list, I am very much looking forward to the new Avett Brothers album (finally!!!!) and the new Michael Kiwanuka (surprise!!!) coming out later this month.

Enjoy your Fall & stay warm.

~ Michelle

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