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LOCAL BLUES for October

New England has a plethora of great music and musicians. These past couple of months some really fine new cds have come across my spinner and I’d love to share a few with you. I’ll be spotlighting several of them this month as well as a continuing to play a couple from last month that deserve mention. Eric “Two Scoops” Moore of “Big Buffet” fame, now a Seattle transplant, got together with some of our finest and the result is fun and wonderful. It’s entitled, Good Cookin’ Man, and his players include Annie Raines, Mickey Bones, Lisa Marie and Fred Griffeth, a varied group of talent to be sure. The first tune is a grabber, “Ten Piece Band,” where each member makes “25 bucks a man.” Johnny Blue Horn’s latest release, It’s What I Do, is stellar. He overcame some serious health issues to jump right back into it. Not often today is the trumpet man the leader and vocalist as well. His cast of characters includes some local heavies: John Juxo, Sven Larson, Eddie Scheer and Brian Templeton.

On tap for early in the month will be Diane Blue’s latest, Look for the Light, with a host of top musicians including Ronnie Earl, with whom she often tours. They took the stage and tore down the house at last year’s Blues Music Awards (BMA’s) in Memphis. Finally, Bees Deluxe, Mouthful of Bees, comes on the heels of their successful East Coast summer tour. They hail from the middle of MA, and are known for their originals, but this time mixed it up with some favorite tunes.

So check out some of our wonderful talent on Spinning the Blues and please join me Saturday nights at 6. There’ll certainly be more as the month goes on.


~ Holly

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