WUMB December Program Guide

As Time Passes, So Quickly

Until Albert said something to me over the air, I didn’t even connect the dots that the new year meant a new decade this time around. My head is spinning just a bit because 1997 doesn’t really seem that long ago.


New year, new decade, lots to look forward to. Before I jump feet first into 2020, I wanted to take stock of just how amazing things were in 2019 from a musical perspective.

Best Concert – Hubby Jenkins Member Show
I am not saying that because it was a member show – he is really THAT good. It’s not just the musicianship, it was the storytelling too. I love going to shows and walking out a bit smarter than when I went in.

Best Music Documentary – Music Voyager
I am super late to this game…but…when I was walking Hubby to his car after the show, we were chatting about the Ethiopiques music collection. We both agreed that it would’ve been amazing to be in Addis Ababa in the 1960s. All those jazz clubs and coffeehouses…and excellent food. He recommended Music Voyager to me. I’ve only done the Japan episodes so far but, like actual travelling, I’m just going to take my time & get from place to place when I can.

Best Book – Blood by Allison Moorer
Poignant, well written, heart felt. Can’t be binge read but should be read nonetheless.

Best Music Movie – Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice
My whole life, I’ve been told I look like Linda Ronstadt…mostly by my mum…but I’ll take it. My girl crush on Linda started with “Different Drum”. I know she didn’t write it but that song has always resonated with me personally, and the rest, as they say, is history. I just love her and this documentary.

Best Album & Song – TBA
Randi and I are doing Guest Mixes where we talk about our favorites of 2019 (I heart Randi & #millmanmiddays so hard!). I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I can’t divulge too much. But, I can tell you this: my favorites have to do with a with a mask, a jumpsuit that looks like a turquoise dress with gold trim, and it being quarter to 2 & figuring out what’chu wanna do.

2019 really blew me away music wise. Just looking at who’s touring in 2020 and who’s releasing albums. I sense this is going to be another solid year…and a solid decade.

Happy New Year!

~ Michelle

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