WUMB February Program Guide

Our Beatles Breakfast Table

It continues to amaze me that fifty-six years later The Beatles continue to capture the imaginations of music lovers of all ages and from all over the world.

From the very first Beatles vinyl 45, “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” released in America in January 1964, to the recent release of The Beatles Singles Collection, a fantastic box set featuring twenty-three vinyl 45s. Beatles vinyl in its original form is a handful and an earful of joy!

Maybe that’s why our listeners respond with excitement after seeing our weekly “Beatles Breakfast table.”  We post a picture of it every week on our show’s Facebook page: Facebook.com/breakfastwiththebeatleschachi

As we prep for each episode of Breakfast With The Beatles, we stack our table with a collection of Beatles original vinyl LPs and 45s. Of course, CDs are involved as well.

When you see a copy of the much talked about and very rare Beatles Butcher cover album, a unique 45 from Norway, a rare Beatles album on the VJ label and you hear those very records no matter the scratchy condition played on the show, it brings an authenticity to the listening experience that fans appreciate.

Within twenty-four hours on that same Facebook page, we post an in-depth playlist as well as up close individual photos of the most interesting records on our table.

It’s our journey back in time when The Fab Four were amongst us and you knew all is right with the world.

As John Lennon once said, It’s all there on that little bit of plastic.

~Cha-Chi Loprete

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