WUMB February Program Guide

Winter’s Home Stretch….

Every February, my thoughts turn to a couple of things. First, I think of the month as the homestretch of winter, a season I do not enjoy. With cold weather setting in around November and snow/sleet/ice coming fast and furious from December onward, it feels like the cold and dark has been with us forever. With the next calendar flip being March, there is sunlight at the end of the tunnel.

Of course with Valentines Day approaching, I’m always breaking out the mushy songs If I’m in love and the anti-valentine songs if I’m not. Here are some of my favorite love and I’ll never love again music. You may need a tissue and/or a big bowl of chocolate handy.

“Essence” from the 2001 album Essence by Lucinda Williams. A song of obsession, for better or worse. (strong language warning)

“You’re No Good” from the 1974 album Heart Like A Wheel by Linda Ronstadt. A song of empowerment for all who have suffered a broken heart but couldn’t quite walk away. When we finally do, it’s amazing!

“If I Should Fall Behind” from the 1992 album Lucky Town by Bruce Springsteen. A beautiful song about the ups & downs of long term relationships. We grow together, we grow apart but with patience and resolve, we fall back into step with each other.

“Blue Valentines” from the 1978 album Blue Valentine by Tom Waits. Even when Tom Waits is happy he sounds completely depressed, so what better song to have a good cry to if you’re valentine-less this year??

~ Randi

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