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See the Way She Walks, See the Way She Talks

A few weeks back, Leif Vollebekk was on World Cafe talking about his synesthesia, i.e. he sees colors when he creates music. According to the interview, he was directing his backing band to play something “golden” and that’s how “Hot Tears” came about. Even though I don’t see colors when I hear music, I can sense the warmth he may have been going for if he was looking for something that sounds yellowish.

One thing I can sense – and I can’t tell if I am on the only one – is where a song comes from. Whenever I hear the opening chords to a Velvet Underground song, the first thing that pops into my head is narrow city streets with brownstones, very NYC-esque. The Black Keys, no matter how much they change up their sound, forever sound like they were making music amongst gorgeous green fields and abandoned factories. At some point, I intend to research whether or not what I see when I hear music means I have any special superpowers. I’m going to assume no, but, I’ll figure that out at some point!

Another album that, to me, is so evocative of where it’s from is the Khruangbin & Leon Bridges “Texas Sun”. When he sings, “You say you like the wind blowing through your hair…”, I can feel the heat of the Texas sun warming my skin and wrapping me up in a gentle heat wave while standing on baked earth. In some ways, it reminds me of Lillian from Seduction of the Minotaur describing the feeling of the warm tiles against her bare feet in Mexico after she left NYC.

Some other things I’m enjoying as of late – aside from their place of origin:

Katie Pruitt – Expectations: This is an album I want to spend more time with. She says it was partly inspired by her Catholic upbringing and the conflict with her sexual orientation. As a fellow (former) Catholic, the subject matter piques my interest. Plus, I love that there are a lot of pictures of her kissing her girlfriend. It’s nice to see people happy in real life.

Frazey Ford – U Kin B the Sun: I’ve always loved her voice. She made us wait 6 years for more new music but it’s totally worth it.

I have those to keep me busy until the next round of hotly anticipated albums arrive. In late March, I’ve got a special place cleared off for the new Basia Bulat as well as a place for the new M. Ward, arriving at the beginning of April.

Until then, don’t forget to Spring Forward!

~ Michelle

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