WUMB November Program Guide

It’s Gonna Be Ok

Each day, Brendan has his “Morning Reflection” segment, where he plays a song to put us all in a positive state of mind. I keep meaning to ask him if he has a full list of everything he’s been playing recently. The last one I caught was Anders Osborn, “It’s Gonna Be Ok.” Even just seeing the title of that song makes me feel a bit relieved. When I am feeling a tad overwhelmed, I try to keep in mind that the sun will always come up; the earth will continue to turn; and things will move on as they do.

Generally, I don’t consider myself a nostalgic person – quite the opposite, actually. I much prefer new adventures, especially around music, food, and traveling. Recently, I’ve been doing a decent job trying some new recipes. You’re all welcome over for almond cake when things normalize (seriously!). However, lately, when it comes to music, I’ve been gravitating towards the artists I’ve had with me for a while. There’s something about hearing a familiar voice that just makes everything feel like it’s going to be ok.

Here are a few people that have been in heavy rotation in my personal and professional playlists as of late:

1. Neil Finn – Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved his work. Split Enz had a great visual presence and solid new wave vibe. As Neil started his own bands like Crowded House and launched his solo career, he moved in a more organic sounding direction, which I loved even more. At this point, his voice and catalog are like old friends, so to speak.

2. Nick Drake – The first time I heard Nick Drake, I could not believe I had lived “my whole entire life” (ripe age of 15) and not known of him. If one could conjecture about an artist based on their sound, I can only imagine how sweet & gentle he must’ve been in person. The Way to Blue compilation is the only cd in my car and I listen to it every night when I drive to the station.

3. Beth Orton – When I saw the cover of Trailer Park in the ‘90s, I felt a sense of relief I didn’t realize I needed. Here was a woman, on an album cover, wearing jeans, Chuck Taylor sneakers, and a cardigan, i.e. my entire wardrobe. Finally, someone for the rest of us! When I listened to the album, I was so excited that this person was also writing and singing about things I cared about. Even now, when I hear the strings opening “She Cries Your Name,” I instantly feel a sense of companionship.

Whatever you are doing, I sincerely hope you are staying well and feeling comforted by the music too. It’s a privilege to keep you company on weeknights, playing so many wonderful artists and songs. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you soon at a show or member event. Stay well and take care.

~ Michelle

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