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Ye Olde Mail Bag

Wow!  This whole lockdown thing is really something, yikes.  I’m lucky, I’m able to do my day job on a computer from the comfort of my man-cave.  Lots of others are not so lucky.  However, WUMB is still on the air, and I’m doing the Dixie Bee Line shows live every Saturday from 9pm to Midnite.  The media are considered essential, and I couldn’t agree more.  Music is the balm that calms.  All of our local events and festivals have been cancelled.  So I spend my spare time picking the guitar.  I’m working on the “Westphalia Waltz”, for one.  While I am a banjo player by birth, it’s been a real pleasure to let loose on guitar for some old Western Swing classics, like “Sugar Moon”, and “Sweet Georgia Brown” (well, OK, maybe not strictly western).

But also a lot of good old Carter Family songs, too… they strike such a primal note, telling the story of lost love, family, death, hardship, etc.  One I’ve been particularly liking is one that I’ve played on my show with A.P. Carter singing lead.  That’s rare all by itself!  It’s done in a fast waltz time, and A.P.’s timing is unusual, to say the least.

Take a listen to his version, click here:  https://www.planetbanjo.com/OneLittleWord.mp3

So what are you up to during this enforced recess from normal living?  Write to me!  I’ve really been appreciated the mail I get from listeners.  Seems like there are other people as obsessed with this good old hillbilly music as much as I am.  My email address is jon.gersh@umb.edu.

And please join me on Saturday, right after Holly Harris Spins the Blues… 9PM Eastern.

Happy Spring,

~ Jon G.

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