WUMB June Program Guide

Finding Peace in the Unreal City

Not that I will hear your answer through the computer, but, how are you?

I sincerely hope you and everyone you know is safe, and healthy.

Last year, I was reading a psychology article which explored the idea of people looking to artists to make sense of the world in a way that they can’t. As these days are going, I often hear (in my mind) Nick Drake quietly singing about when the “armies of emotion go out to fight”. Even though “Cello Song” was written in 1968-69, I’m finding it to be one of the more comforting songs as of late.

Another thing that I am taking great comfort in is being able to hang out with you every night. I love the calls & messages about how much you’re enjoying the music. It’s an honor to be part of your routine, however you’re winding down your day.

Also, I want to send out a giant burst of gratitude to all of the WUMB artists who are streaming from their houses and releasing new music. It’s a ray of hope. While I am enjoying the performances, I am also secretly enjoying getting to see what people have in their homes. The furthest I’ll go on that point is that Jeff Tweedy has a really nice bathroom.  #lifegoals

On that note…some new music I’ve been enjoying:

M. WardMigration Stories: On World Cafe, he mentioned that this album was inspired, not only by current events, but also, by his own journeys into meditation. Despite it being recorded last year, in some ways, it’s the perfect album for right now.

Laura MarlingSong For Our Daughter: This album was supposed to be released over the summer but she pushed it out early. Much like her earlier work, it’s quiet, gorgeous, and absolutely delicate.

Lucinda WilliamsGood Souls, Better Angels: It’s still early in the year…but…it’s going to be hard to top this album for the Best of 2020. I mean, it’s Lucinda playing blues licks. So, yeah.

As May is right around the corner, I’m getting excited for the new Damien Jurado, Steve Earle, and Butch Walker.

I hope you all continue to stay well and I will sign off with M. Ward’s parting words from World Cafe:

“So good to talk to you…and I hope to see you when the world is a kinder and gentler place.”

~ Michelle

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