WUMB June Program Guide

Breakfast With The Beatles Is BACK!

After being on a hiatus for the last 8 weeks due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are extremely happy to say that Breakfast With The Beatles is currently back On-The-Air with fresh new shows on 91.9FM WUMB!  We sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience during this difficult time and we hope you and yours are healthy and happy.  Everybody seemed to enjoy the encore presentations that we aired, but there is nothing like bringing you a new Breakfast With The Beatles show every Saturday morning from 6a-8am on WUM-Beatles. June is the perfect time to return too, because Beatles fans know that June is Paul McCartney’s Birthday month. He was born on June 18th, 1942!

We arrive back on the air just in time to bring you two Paul McCartney Breakfast With The Beatles Birthday shows! On Saturday June 13th & Saturday June 20th we’ll highlight the Paul McCartney musical catalogue both as a Beatle and a solo artist! Plus we’ll tell stories about the songs and pass along some Beatles footnotes in Rock’n’Roll history! We’ll also play two Paul solo album sides, uninterrupted! McCartney Side One kicks off the show on the 13th and Ram Side One in mono begins the show on the 20th! We’ll air funny clips from Paul’s appearances on The David Letterman Show and the Jimmy Kimmel Show as well!

That’s how we celebrate a Beatle Birthday!

Happy Birthday Paul McCartney!

~ Cha-Chi Loprete
Host of Breakfast With The Beatles

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