WUMB August Program Guide


I hope you’re doing your best to enjoy Summer through these very strange and somewhat challenging times. Here’s a rundown of what is going on in the world of Programming at WUMB!

Our Hosts continue to do amazing work each and every single day. Now that quarantine is over and some of us are getting back to work/the office/a normal routine, I’d like to shine the light on our Hosts who have been coming in since this whole ordeal started. Whether it’s The Morning Show with Brendan or Highway 61 with Albert, most of the Hosts continue to be live in the studio, and the ones who can’t be in live will return when possible. Not only am I blown away by our Programming Staff but I’m also floored by the generosity of our listeners. Because of your support, no Hosts have been furloughed or let go. So for that…thank you!

Since we can’t do in-studio interviews for now, we’re in the midst of recording a number of interviews through the phone. You may have heard Michelle Briand chat with Chuck Prophet not too long back and we have more in store. We all are dealing with these strange times in our own way, and hearing what some musicians are going through makes me realize the importance of music. Hopefully live performance will return sooner rather than later.

New Music is coming back, which is also a good thing! Many artists who had releases scheduled for March, April, May and June have postponed their releases for obvious reasons. That’s left us with “not as much new music as normal,” but as I said many Artists are going ahead and releasing new music which you’ll be hearing more of on WUMB.

July will be fun as always as we’ll get to pay tribute to Woody Guthrie who was born on July 14th, 1912. I’m not sure there’s an artist on WUMB who’s music continues to thrive like Woody’s so it will be a fun day for sure.

So with that check out some of the Highlights for July that are coming for shows like Highway 61 Revisited, Celtic Twlight, Spinning The Blues and so much more. With this much music happening it’s tough to keep track of it all, but hopefully the July Highlights will help!

Lastly, we have received a lot of email and phone calls regarding our signal and online stream over the last number of weeks. Without spending lots of time discussing the intricacies of transmitters and streaming services I will sum it up by saying that our Engineers have been working feverishly on this. Just about everything is outside of our control at the moment and we hope to have the station sounding as good as possible shortly. Thanks for your patience.

While I’m here…many inquiries have been about listening to WUMB through a third party streaming service. For the best possible stream go directly to our website at wumb.org and click the “Listen Live” button in the top left of the screen.

Thanks again for not only listening but for your continued support as well. Have a great July!

~ Jay Moberg
Music and Program Director

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