WUMB September Program Guide

Wading Through Concrete

Back in March when everything started changing, I had anticipated that come summertime, everything would be back to “normal”. We’d all be out seeing shows, visiting our friends & family, and talking about just how different this past spring season was.

Now that the different spring has extended into the summer and we’re heading into the fall, I can say I’ve settled into what I call my “new normal”: watching the city from my living room windows; excitedly waiting for my next delivery of anything; and checking various music websites to see who’s doing what.

While I don’t wish for musicians to have to postpone tours & music releases, I am very excited that many of the new albums for which I’ve been waiting are now coming out, like Orville Peck’s Show Pony or Chuck Prophet’s The Land That Time Forgot. As an added silver lining, we’re getting what Molly Tuttle calls “quarantine projects.” Artists like Mavis Staples, Josh Ritter, & Gillian Welch have been delving through their archives to find unreleased material for us. Other artists are creating new music in their home studios like Ray LaMontagne and Molly herself with her covers album, …But I’d Rather Be With You. I won’t speak for everyone, but, Molly, I’d rather be with you too – in a club where you’re playing and I’m clapping.

The last Friday in August was almost like a birthday with all of the new releases. I’m still trying to get through them all! At first pass, I’m enjoying the new Avett Brothers, The Third Gleam, The Elliot Smith 25th Anniversary reissue, and Molly’s new covers album. As we get into September, I’m most excited about the new Band of Heathens…but I have a few more weeks to wait for that.

I sincerely hope you’re all staying safe & healthy with whatever your new normal is. Also, thank you so much to everybody’s who’s been listening more and supporting us at WUMB. It’s truly a privilege to be on the air sharing music with you and keeping you company. I hope you’re all able to get a little bit more summer sunshine before all the Halloween decorations come out.

~ Michelle

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