WUMB September Program Guide

Welcome to September…In The Rain!

It was January 1st, 1962 when The Beatles; John, Paul, George and drummer Pete Best entered into the recording studio for their much anticipated audition for Decca Records.

Their manager Brian Epstein exhausted just about every possibility of having his boys signed to a recording deal. He was running of options fast.

The Beatles recorded fifteen tracks on that New Year’s Day, all chosen by Epstein. One of the tracks was a song from 1935 called “September In The Rain.”
“September In The Rain” was featured in a 1937 film called Melody For Two, and it was considered a hit and recorded by several different artists. When pianist George Shearing covered it, it became an international million-seller!

The Beatles “Beatle-ized” the song with their own trademark sizzle and Liverpudlian flair, although it was never released in any official form.

It’s pretty obvious that when September rolls around, we at Breakfast With The Beatles celebrate the song and play the version recorded on that day in January 1962.

We all know that Decca Records rejected the chance to sign The Beatles. It was a Big Mistake! But not to make the same mistake twice, Decca did sign The Rolling Stones at the urging of George Harrison.

Can you name the other tracks The Beatles recorded at the Decca audition?

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~ Cha-Chi Loprete

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