WUMB October Program Guide

Guest Mix and Some Good Fortune

I spent a lot of a time as a kid listening to vinyl and staring at album covers. Of course, the music was always the most important thing, but I was also curious about the musicians themselves. What were they like? How did they live and think? What kind of magic was in them that would manifest in music that transfixes millions? Hence the staring at album cover photos, reading and rereading liner notes, and trying to figure out how to match the sound I was hearing with an actual living, breathing human being.

That curiosity led to reading books about musicians, writing about them, and eventually, hosting radio shows during which I get to share music and talk about it with listeners who are as obsessed as I am.

Back in March, when Covid interrupted so many rhythms in the world, circumstances dictated that I could no longer go to the UMass campus and host Sunday Morning Brew. Side note: I have been fortunate to be as healthy as ever. I was also lucky that Perry Persoff took the reins, and has been doing a fantastic job. I have so much gratitude for the dedication, knowledge, and good humor he brings to the show, and have gone from hosting to being a loyal listener every Sunday morning.

Now, though, I can happily report, I will be heading back to the WUMB airways later this fall as the host of a long-running show that has always been one of my favorites: Guest Mix, airing Saturdays at 1 p.m.

Talk about a fortunate turn of events. One day I receive a call from our music director, Jay Moberg—this was all his idea—and now, that kid who always wondered about what fueled musicians will get a chance every week to talk to them about the music that inspires them and why.

I’ve started to conduct interviews and put these shows together, and I can’t wait to share them with all of you. During every hour of Guest Mix, you’ll hear mostly music—the guest-musician DJ’s choices—but you’ll also hear these musicians talk about their passions and inspirations.

Thanks as always for listening and supporting WUMB.  We’ll have more information about new episodes of Guest Mix very soon.

~ Rob Hochschild

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