WUMB October Program Guide

The Local Music Corner

Two more live music venues have jumped into the livestreaming/broadcasting side of this COVID life, as they begin their respective seasons: the Me and Thee Coffeehouse in Marblehead and the Linden Tree Coffeehouse in Wakefield. I guess where the venues are located is not that important. But if you go to their websites you will get the listings and the appropriate web links to see the shows. Curl up with your favorite libations and munchies, and enjoy the shows. Just remember that if someone in the “crowd” where you are watching won’t shut up or is clapping at the wrong times, don’t complain to Kathy (Me and Thee) or Liz (Linden Tree) about it…

Chris Gleason of Los Goutos is also a founding member of the band Sado-Domestics, along with fellow multi-instrumentalist Lucy Martinez of Lucy & The Dreamers. They are due to release their third album on October 20th, called Hey Oaxaca (how’s that for a reason to have paid attention during those 6th grade studies on Latin America). Their first album as the Sado-Domestics was back in 2013, Two-Egg Scrambler.

On August 31st, Kemp Harris recorded a performance at The Wang/Boch Center’s Ghost Light Series to 3,500 empty seats in that beautiful theater. At this time, it will be aired in early October. Kemp will share more information and the air date soon – check his website: www.kempharris.com.

And of course, keep tabs with all your favorite venues as more of them host livestreams. And then there are some growing outdoor shows, led by various drive-in theatres acting as live music venues. That is where a physical performer plays, but you stay in your car hooked up to the sound system. And you wear a mask if you have to get out of the car.

As the Doors once said, “strange days have found us.” Yes indeed. But when we finally get to look back on these times, it will be good to see that despite the adversity, many artists continued to find new ways to record and release music. And innovative ways were found to continue the community connection that is live music.

Hang in there, everybody. Be safe, be sane, be smart – and be a little humorous at least once in a while. In a largely humorless context, humor can really help. See you next time. And see you Sunday morning…

~ Perry Persoff

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