WUMB December Program Guide

Finding Balance in the Natural World

We’ve all been feeling stressed by the strange circumstances surrounding the COVID pandemic, not to mention the political worries here in the US, and I’ve found that the natural world (yes, minus the hysterical railings of the online universe) is a grounding point that can bring us back to some sense of balance. The incredibly beautiful mountains of Nepal are the home of Arko Mukhaerjee, a singer who has collaborated with all sorts of musicians from everywhere, but who recently recorded some traditional Nepalese folk songs in the Darjeeling area of Nepal (the live Darjeeling Sessions), where he sat on a hillside in the foothills of his beloved mountains and sang with his friend guitarist Koustav Dey. His favored instrument, the ukulele, may seem a bit out of place at first, but as you listen you realize that is perfect for what he is doing, delicate and simple. This lovely video includes little snippets from the town below, reminding the viewer that even in the bustle of daily life there is innocence and beauty, and a sense of connectedness to the wild world that is all around us.


~ Dana

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