WUMB December Program Guide

Odyssey in November

Here’s a closer look at where we’ll be this month on Odyssey:
Nov. 1- We are heading south to the thousands of islands of Indonesia this week, where the sounds of legendary gamelan orchestras are just the tip of the iceberg- music like nothing else on earth, including some royal court ensembles from Jakarta.

Nov. 8- We visit Bali before moving on to the eastern end of the Indonesian chain, and on to Timor and Papua New Guinea. As we often do, we’ll check in on some new artists from all over the place, including recent recordings from the Fado scene in Portugal.

Nov. 15- Australia is home to a songwriting tradition that will surprise you, influenced by both music from England and the indigenous population there, whose cultures are among the oldest on earth (40-50 thousand years!). Of course the didgeridoo, considered by many as the oldest known melodic instrument, is part of this tradition, but we’ll explore further into spiritual roots of the vocal music as well.

Nov. 22- We shift gears away from the Southern Hemisphere this week and begin a visit to the opposite end of the planet, with a listen to traditions from Scandinavia, starting in Norway, where the haunting sound of the Hardanger fiddle is just the beginning. More new stuff from all over the world as well.

Nov. 29- The month ends with music from Sweden and Finland, whose recent folk revivals have sent waves all across the world, inspiring musicians to take a closer look at the amazing vocal and instrumental heritage of this part of the world.

I hope you’ll join me —

~ Dana Westover

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