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The Local Music Corner

Not surprisingly, the word from many musicians is “stalled, “suspended,” and the like as pandemic-related precautions continue…

Darren Buck of the band Hank Wonder reports that the group is waiting for the studio’s OK to record the last three songs for their second album. If you are into spending the fall and even early winter months hiking near lakes, perhaps you like the atmosphere generated by hearing the call of the loon. One of these last three songs may then be right in your zone – it is called “Loons On The Lake.”

Hank Wonder have been working on the new album with Zachariah “Zack” Hickman (who has worked with Josh Ritter, Mark Erelli, Dinty Child, Kris Delmhorst, and so many prolific Boston-area musicians over the past 20-plus years).

Back at the Livestream Cafe…
A twist to Greg Klyma’s weekly Thursday stream, “All Together Now” – featuring guest performers, a video segment, fun graphics, etc – is requests from listeners/viewers. OK, requests from listeners/viewers is probably a part of most livestreams, particularly the regular weekly ones. But in this case, Greg has perused and parsed through them for an album’s worth. Last month he released By Request Vol 2. This is 12 of the most-requested songs from “All Together Now.” Start your journey into the show at Greg’s website, Klyma.com, then click one of the “All Together Now” links on the right side of the page.

Have you visited the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation lately? They have been doing their Thursday 2nd Shift Music Series since the Spring of 2017. Michael Tarbox of the Tarbox Ramblers curated the series until late 2017. Mark Erelli has been driving it since then. And in these days of no physical gatherings, the series is continuing – with multi-camera livestreams from the (empty) main gallery. Coming up in November will be sets from Kemp Harris on Nov 12 and Mark Erelli on Nov 19. Peaking into December, Alisa Amador will be doing the honors on Dec 3rd. Those are all Thursdays, by the way. Shows begin at 7:30pm. Details and links can be found at https://www.charlesrivermuseum.org/second-shift-music-series.

Are you the next Greater Boston/New England area musician or band to watch out for, but thanks to the Pandemic you can’t get exposure? Use the Force, Luke…er, that is, make use of the technology, Luke (or whatever your name may be). Open Mics are still happening, but they are remote. Check into your area venues’ websites to investigate their ROM’s. Maybe that’s a play on computer technology. But in this case it means Remote Open Mics.

That’s all for now. Stay safe, stay sane, be smart, and spread laughs when you can!

~ Perry Persoff

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