WUMB January Program Guide

Start the Year with Music from Ecuador!

Here’s a bit of fun to start the New Year- The Swing Original Monks from Ecuador, with a song that takes us up into the high mountains (with some beautiful photography) of the northern Andes. In the words of Gabriel Baumann, the band’s founder, “Caminito is a song that talks about letting yourself be taken down a path. And this path, well it is life. It is as if you were constantly looking behind, like as if you were clinging, holding onto the past. The idea is letting yourself be taken by this path, that flows, like a river where it takes you. The path goes, it continues, and it does not return.”
Enjoy, and Happy New year!

Expanded Odyssey program highlights for January:
Jan.3- More party! And a look back (no, not at the world political situation, which could cause violent and involuntary convulsions) at some of the good stuff that came in to us over the last year. Yes, a lot of really good music from everywhere!!
Jan. 10- We’ll get back to wandering around in Europe, as we were doing in December, but first I want to honor some of the requests that have come in lately to visit Hawaii and some of the Pacific Islands, where we we will discover the unique vocal traditions that have no equal anywhere else on earth, along with, of course, some delicious slack key guitar.
Jan. 17- We’ll continue to stay warm in the Pacific, visiting islands in Melanesia and Polynesia, where the seafaring skills of the natives are legendary, and which are reflected in their extraordinary traditional music.
Jan. 24- After a respite in the warm Pacific waters, we return to pick up where we left off in Northern Europe with a visit to Lithuania, Poland and neighborhood- a surprising amount of lovely stuff coming from this part of the world right now, and most of it under the radar of the mainstream music world.
Jan. 31- We’ll round put the month with a listen to some traditional music from Germany, with a side trip to Switzerland, where the combination of rich and ancient dance and instrumental music is alive and well.

~ Dana

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