WUMB March Program Guide

Celebrating the Man in Black

Johnny Cash was not typical, even among icons. His music embodies so much, yet he stands alone as an artist. All roads run through Johnny. He was more of a rock ‘n’ roll star than his Sun Records label mates Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis, though he was not marketed as such. He did not serve time in prison, but cared for incarcerated people and inspired one of them to become a country icon themselves. He married into the Carter Family and understood it was that way first, and not the other way around. He fathered a next-generation country star. He hit bottom more than once, personally and professionally, yet found ways to rise again. He challenged conformity, yet was devout in his Faith. He struggled with fidelity, yet was capable of it. He was surrounded by family who loved him. He was limited yet was all-original; able to connect deeply with his audience using the tools he had. 

The Morning Show will celebrate Johnny Cash during the 9 AM hour on the 89th anniversary of his birth, Friday, February 26. Join us!

~ Brendan

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