WUMB March Program Guide

Music of Change from Lithuania

When the wall was finally disintegrating between the east and west in Berlin, there were huge changes underway all over the whole of Europe, and particularly so in former satellites, who began to feel a new sense of independence and artistic freedom, and it was reflected in the music especially powerfully. Here’s a delightful example of a group from Lithuania called Antis that was a big part of that wave of social criticism and joy- it’s a video of a song called Debesys (clouds) that beautifully evokes that newly awakened feeling, with ordinary folks wandering onto the set from the streets of Vilnius and grinning at the cameras.

Odyssey Program Highlights in February:
Feb. 7– More investigations in Europe this week, as we poke around a little in Russia and then head east into Kazakhstan and beyond in search of the mysterious and hypnotizing sound of the steppe, where the horse rules, and where the wind never stops.
Feb. 14– The music of the Uighurs, ancient immigrants from southeastern Europe, and now part of China, is utterly unique in the world, as we will hear, on our way to Mongolia and beyond. We’ll sample a few new releases from everywhere, as usual, too.
Feb. 21– We haven’t been in China recently, so we’ll spend the rest of the month in this vast treasure house of different styles, starting in the north in Manchuria and then down to Beijing and the dizzying number of musical traditions of the Chinese northeast.
Feb. 28– We’re moving south on the Chinese mainland to visit Hubei, Hunan and Guangxi provinces, on our way to Yunnan in the southwest, and there are related but quite distinct flavors to be heard and savored in the ancient instruments and vocal styles as we go. More from the rest of the world, too, as we sample some interesting new recordings from all over the place.

~ Dana Westover


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