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This just in from Mark Erelli

He is about to release an EP on February 12, called Jackpot. Judging by what he says in his latest newsletter (which you can read at MarkErelli.com), the title refers at least in part to his good fortune – and the “that would never happen” circumstance – in meeting his wife.

By the way, did you notice the release date of this EP…Feb 12th…hmmm???? Rather close to that Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t you say? Of course you did.

So perhaps that’s a window into the other songs as well. By the way, the EP will be released in digital format only. While I completely understand this from the recording artist’s point of view as a cost-saving measure during pandemic times, I would hate for people who don’t live in computer culture to not have access to great musicians – especially those who are very underexposed. Such as a huge percentage of the WUMB music library.

Quality over all else.

Oh, I almost forgot. Mark released the first song from the collection on January 29th.

Be well, be safe, be smart and whenever possible…be funny. Hug those you care about. Even if it’s an “air hug.” COVID, ugh.

Ciao for niao,

~ Perry

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