WUMB April Program Guide

Odyssey in April

Here is more detail about what we’ll be covering this month on each week’s Odyssey:

Apr. 4- We embark on a journey to the big island of Madagascar, after listening to the amazing traditions of Indonesia for the last couple weeks- the original settlers in Madagascar were actually from Indonesia, so there are many fascinating hints in the music of this relationship. Joyful, rhythmically intricate, powerful, the sounds of Madagascar are unique in the world.
Apr. 11- We jump off onto the mainland of South Africa this week to listen to familiar and not so familiar sounds of this seminal musical powerhouse, from Miriam Makeba to the mbube vocalists of the townships. We’ll sample new releases from all over the world, too, as we often do at the end of the program.
Apr. 19- Music from southern Africa, from Botswana and Zimbabwe, with a side trip to the desert country of Namibia this week. Alhough there are influences from Europe, the underlying power of the drums is the driving force behind what we’ll be listening to, with a remarkable melodic lyricism layered on top that is uniquely from this part of the world.
Apr. 25- Music from Mozambique, Zambia and on up to Congo this week, staying in south central Africa as we travel on the continent that is the mother of all human civilization, where we all come from. Congo has been the source of much of the most loved dance music of the world for decades, and that continues today- we’ll sample some new stuff from this startling part of the world.

Come back mid-month, when I’ll offer up a special concert treat!

~ Dana

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