WUMB May Program Guide

From the Studio

The Apple and the Tree: Generations of Family Relations in Music

Throughout the month of May The Morning Show will explore family relations in music that span multiple generations, from child to parents to grandparents.

~ Brendan 

Dear Mike, Thanks Again For Your Encouragement and Inspiration 20 Years On.

I did not really think it would happen.  But today as I write this [on May 1st], I turn 20.  This is a neat trick at any age.  I should explain.  I turn 20 in Boston.  For years I imagined telling people, “I lived in Boston for nearly 20 years.”  But today it is 20 years on the dot.  And I am still here…often still trying to figure it out. Read More…

This Month’s Family Connection on the Morning Show!

Every Wednesday morning at 8 the Morning Show’s “Family Connection” feature will focus on sisters in music. From the Carter Sisters to Joan and Mimi to the sisters Soderbergh of First Aid Kit, we’ll explore the harmony and collaboration of women siblings throughout the 20th Century and current time.
— Brendan

The Science of Music (A Mystery to Me…)

Have you ever seen the cartoon “Dexter’s Laboratory?” Dexter is a 5-year-old science wunderkind. He’s got a big lab in the basement of his family’s house. The bane of his existence is keeping his mischievous older sister Dee Dee out of there so she won’t hit a wrong button, etc. Each show starts with Dexter waking up and saying, “Today is a great day for Science!Read More…

Top 10 of 2016-The Announcer’s Picks

Our Announcer’s top 10 album picks for 2016…. Read More…

‘Tis/’Twas the Season

In his “Mid Winter Folktale,” Scott Alarik brought us back to the ancient roots of many Winter holidays, their songs and customs – and how they still have a hold on us today.

[Funny how many holidays’ roots have to do with either food and survival (harvest) or surviving a military action]

Modern technology has rendered receiving a letter an ”ancient” form of communication. But during holiday time, that mode returns. Writing and receiving letters is still barely alive in the form of…cards. Isn’t it nice to get something in the mail that is not a bill or well-intended junk? These days, you generally don’t get much more than that in your mailbox, right? But to get a card in the mail from a friend or former associate – with something written that shows they thought about their relationship with you in particular — it’s like sipping a hot drink on a frosty day. “We think of you often.” “Barley the dog misses you.” Whatever it may be.

Like the roots of holiday songs and customs, it fills you with warmth and makes you feel closer together. Read More…

New Year and New Times!

I think it’s safe to say (for many reasons) that most of us are looking forward to starting a new year! So with that I’d like to remind everyone of a few changes that we have coming up in Programming.

Folk Tales with Scott Alarik has been deemed a huge success here. If you haven’t heard it yet, Scott does an amazing job of bringing music and artists from the past and explains why they’re still relevant today. I’ve heard from many of you asking if we could put this show in a better time slot and I’m happy to report that starting THIS SATURDAY at 12pm you can hear Folk Tales immediately after Highway 61 Revisited. Read More…

New Years Resolution

OK, let’s admit it. This is the time of the year when we break all of those New Year’s resolutions. For example, as I write this, it’s already 3 in the afternoon and it’s not looking good for me walking 10 miles today or, to be honest even 5…. Heck I’ll be lucky to walk to the parking lot to get my car. Oh well, maybe tomorrow, or next year….

Here’s on resolution that you can ensure you’ll keep all year: supporting public radio. Let’s be honest, while we can’t predict what’s going to happen this year, if history is any guide,  public radio is going to need your support more than ever.

Here’s how you can help. While you’re here just click THIS. Select a monthly amount that’s comfortable for you, fill in the blanks, and there you are.  Not only are you keeping your New Year’s resolution this monthbut you can be content in knowing that you’ll be acting on your resolution every month of the new year without needing to do anything else.

See, that’s a lot easier than walking ten miles a day….. hmmm…. I wonder if I can get somebody to drive me to my car……

Happy New Year!
Dave Palmater

Rainbow Quest

I didn’t grow up with TV, and certainly not Public Television, so all I know about Rainbow Quest was what I heard from Pete Seeger when I’d go see him in concert. When VCRs (remember them) became popular, many of the shows were released on video tape and I hunted them down as fast as possible. (Remember this was before Amazon, back when we had things called records, and record stores. But I digress)

It was a show like we’ll probably never see again, and not just because it was recorded in black and white. It was just Pete, on a simple kitchen-like set, sharing music with his guests and with us. And what guests he had…


Read More…

Two Big Changes

First off, I’d like to take an opportunity to thank everyone who attending our recent Mavis Staples concert here at UMass Boston. We spent a great deal of time putting that together and it was amazing to have the night unfold the way it did. I thought Mavis was just incredible. I hope you feel the same!

Now, onto two big changes we have coming up in Programming:

Once again, you have spoken and we have listened…our new show Folk Tales with Scott Alarik has been receiving tremendous feedback and we’re happy to announce a new time change. Starting Saturday, January 7th you can hear Folk Tales immediately following Highway 61 Revisited with Albert O at 12pm. With that, we’re also moving Guest Mix, another locally produced show down to the 1pm hour (instead of 7pm). Read More…