WUMB January Program Guide

From the Studio

Did you know….

“Did you know that Jimmy Reed’s wife, Mama Reed, can be heard singing on several Jimmy Reed classics including, “Baby, What You Want Me to Do”, “Bright Lights, Big City”, and “Big Boss Man”? Mama wasn’t credited as a background singer, but she was there to help Jimmy remember the lyrics to his own songs.”

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-Brendan Hogan
Dark was the Night   Saturdays 8–Midnight

Hello… My Name is ________

Hi it’s George Knight, your humble late night host here on WUMB. If you’re looking for a thorough explanation of the mathematical relationships of vocal harmonies, or a diatribe on manufacturing techniques of sitars, you won’t find them here. For this column I’ve gone with something a bit lighter… band names.  Read More…

Dark Was the Night with Brendan Hogan

American music can be full of machismo, bluster and bravado, but what happens when the tables are turned? “Dark Was the Night” will feature femme fatales from “Louise” to “Kind Hearted Woman”during the 10 PM hour 3/9.

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-Brendan Hogan

Albert O Needs Your Input!

So…I’ve been mulling over doing an all instrumental H61 some weekend in the near future. I’ve posed the question to a few listeners who were 50/50 on the angle, so I’m presenting the question to you! Read More…

Did You know?

– Did you know that, although he was active as a performing musician through the 1930’s and 40’s, Howlin’ Wolf didn’t first record until 1951 when he was 41 years old?

Brendan Hogan
Dark Was the Night
Saturdays 8-Midnight

Fairport on Fairport

As you might guess from the fact that I’m a huge Richard Thompson fan, I’m also a huge Fairport Convention fan. I have all the albums (ALL of them) including all of the solo albums by anybody who was ever in the band for more than a day (like David Rea and Dan Ar Bras.) I’ve also been lucky enough to see them in concert, both here and in the UK, over a 40 year period. Yup, I’m a Fairport fan from the get. Read More…

The Sounds of Winter

So… with this time of year being when the weather typically has a hard time deciding what it wants to do, I’ve been thinking about how some songs can be more “summer” songs, and others can be “winter” songs, and what it is that makes a song feel right for a given season. I think a lot has to do with the instruments. Read More…

Music to Make Winter Better By

I admit it.  I am a warm-weather child, having grown up in Southern California.  My uniform of choice is short pants and tennis shoes.  Maybe this is a good time to thank all those people who have sympathetically said to me, “California to Boston—my, that must be some culture shock!”  At the same time, so many New Englanders have brazenly told me, “I HATE THE COLD!!”  Yes, it is a subtle attitude.  But I like hearing it.  It’s like a code that says it is OK for me to admit out loud that I was cold.  Not that you’ll catch me complaining about winter to anyone from Wisconsin… Read More…

They Paid Us in Tub Time…

I don’t know about you, but I’m lovin’ the 21st Century. My life these days revolves around my iPhone/iPad/iStuff. It’s how I listen to music, sometimes with headphones, sometimes with Bluetooth wireless speakers. It’s also the way I read books these days. I still love physical books, but space at my house is at a premium and just love that fact that eBooks take up exactly no space on my shelves. Read More…