WUMB December Program Guide

From the Studio

The Music You’re Looking for Is Playing Here On WUMB!!

Have you taken a close look at WUMB’s program schedule lately?  We are serving up the same 24/7 slate of folk, blues, roots, Americana and world music you’ve come to expect, but there have also been some exciting additions and changes.

Monday – Friday, Brendan Hogan is now the host of The Morning Show, filling the hours from 6-10 AM with a great mix of music, commentary and a variety of special features. Dave Palmater takes over at 10 and keeps the music flowing until 3 PM with a different special feature every weekday at noon. From 3 PM to 7 PM Albert O. takes us through the afternoon rush, and Jess Phaneuf provides the soundtrack to your evening from 7-10 PM. The nationally syndicated World Café follows from 10 PM to midnight, and the WUMB Music Mix takes us through the night from midnight until 6 AM. Read More…

Local Folk with Patrick Coman

Every Saturday from noon to 2:00 PM, Patrick Coman presents Local Folk, featuring musicians who call the New England area home. Each week Patrick serves up a sampling of the region’s best folk, roots, blues and Americana. And Patrick can tell you why he is perfectly positioned to find and have access to these artists: “As a proud Boston-based musician and former booker/sound engineer/musician wrangler at local venues like Club Passim, Johnny D’s, Atwood’s, and the New England Americana Festival, I keep my ear to the ground for some of the best up-and-coming performers from throughout the rich New England music community.” Patrick also brings much more to Local Folk than recorded music: “In addition to live in-studio performances and in-depth looks at the music scene in the region’s music hubs, we also look back on famous artists who got their start right here in New England with our weekly “Hometown Heroes” segment.”

As a performer, Patrick plays “the reds and blues.” Merging bluesy barroom shuffles with the red dirt of his native Oklahoma,  he has garnered fans for his upbeat and contemporary take on traditional American music.  He also founded and presents “For the Sake of the Song,” a concert series in which regional artists pair songs by their greatest influence with their own original work.  You can read more about Patrick on his website, and on his WUMB Announcers page.

Whether you want to learn more about the artists who call New England home or you like to celebrate the musicians who frequent your favorite local haunts, tune in to 91.9 FM each week to get an earful of Local Folk, or listen online at wumb.org.

Greetings From the Production Room with Perry

Recently some of you have asked me, “Where have you been?”   Thanks very much!   Actually, even though I have not been on the air as much, I have not gone anywhere.  In the last couple months I have moved into more of a production role at the station.  Perhaps you’ve noticed my voice on a few more promotional spots on WUMB; sometimes on many more promo spots. We had a lot of things going on in February… Read More…

maxresdefaultWhen someone occasionally asks me “what’s the best part of your job?”, I always answer them honestly with “I get my hands on new music before anyone else!”.  Usually WUMB will receive albums well ahead of release dates by weeks and sometimes even months.  Not long ago (think 2014) Lucinda Williams released a double album titled Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone.  It was an incredibly bold album that showcased her amazing songwriting while also showcasing her skills as an independent songwriter.  Yes, you heard correctly…Lucinda Williams started her own record label Highway 20 Records.  Having built a reputation that has been perceived as occasionally combative in the studio, Lucinda started this label with the intent of putting her own material without a major label having an opinion.

The results are intriguing.  Not even two years later Lucinda is back with yet another double album, the appropriately titled Ghosts of Highway 20.  What does that title reflect?  Does it mean they’re songs that previously didn’t make the cut?  Hardly.  The album is spread out over two discs but only total 14 songs.  What she demonstrates on the record is the ability to draw out a song without being self-indulgent.  The average length is probably somewhere in the 5:30 range.  Some songs are normal length, some reach the 12:00 mark.

This isn’t the kind of album you’ll constantly be tapping your foot to, but I think is a great demonstration of an artist who is confident enough not to care.  It’s a tremendous record to have in the car or perhaps at home with headphones on.  Sink in, listen, and dig deep.

We’ll be playing more tracks from this gorgeous album starting this week and you can purchase it starting February 5th.

-Jay Moberg

Sally Fingerett- The Mental Yentl: Stories from a Lifelong Student of Crazy

Do you remember Sally Fingerett, a talented singer/songwriter from the Midwest? If you do it was probably as a part of Four Bitchin’ Babes. She was a founder member along with Christine Lavin, Megon McDonough and Patty Larkin. Though members came and went Sally was a constant with this performing aggregation. (If you ever saw them you’ll know why I didn’t want to call them a band.) Read More…

December Programming News

The Holiday Season is officially upon us!   I hope you’ve given a listen to Jess Phaneuf!  She’s our new nighttime host and she’ll be on from 7-10pm Monday through Friday.  She’s got incredible passion for music and loves sharing it…if you haven’t yet, give her a listen!

Guest Mix is ready to return.  It’s been quite an undertaking to launch a brand new show literally from scratch here.  It should be ready to launch sometime in December, so stay tuned for details.  This is a perfect example of what your donations to WUMB go to.  We’re not looking to purchase a fancy new state of the art piece of equipment.  We’re not trying to invest your dollars into future fundraising.  We’re doing what we always say during the Fundraiser which is “your dollars go back to Programming”.  Because of your generosity we’ve been able to gather the resources dedicated to launching a new show.  I’m proud of it, I’m proud of how we spend our money, and I hope you’ll listen to Guest Mix with Dave Palmater when it launches next month! Read More…


jritAs I sit here shoveling down hot oatmeal on a cold evening, that duality about the cold comes to mind.  There is the shivering chill that makes you pile on another coat in the house (while also living in fear of the heating bill).  Then you have the outside cold air we call “crisp,” which feels invigorating.  Sometimes that invigoration brings out a pro-active sensibility in us.  Call it the excitement or adventure of coming change.  That could be something as simple as the change of season.  Or as profound as a major change you’ve been building towards (a move, new job, marriage, new purchase…).  Like Bilbo Baggins suddenly feeling the flame of adventure well up inside him as he leaves The Shire in The Hobbit, that “invigorating” crisp air can encourage us to embrace life’s ventures more…proactively.

Of course, I could probably put this better if I were, say, a good songwriter.  And as we take your votes for WUMB’s Album Of the Year (up to December 15th), that leads me to one of my Songs Of the Year. Read More…


Every Sunday morning at 8:00 AM, things begin to swing at WUMB when Jackie Brush takes The A Train to bring you the very best of jazz, blues and R&B:  “My love of tearl-hineshis music is in my DNA, a natural born radio brat – I grew up listening to great Jazz my Dad played on the radio.  Fortunately for me my Dad took his job home with him.  In our house if the radio wasn’t on the record player was.  Jack Brush got his start as a DJ down south.  He’d tell tales of meeting Louis Armstrong, Earl “Fatha” Hines,  Ella Fitzgerald and so many more.”
Read More…

Traditional Folk

If you like your folk music old-time, with a bit of swing and a country twang, be sure to tune in to Traditional Folk on Sunday nights from 9:00pm to midnight.  Each week Jon Gersh spins a wide variety of songs that he has gathered under a big tent he calls “Mondo hillbilly… vintage blues, bluegrass, old time country, country and western, western and swing, honky-tonk, rockabilly, truck driving and drinking songs.”  Other weekly features include Jon’s Worst Country Song, new album previews, and special features on all kinds of vintage and modern old-time and traditional country music. Read More…

It’s a Big Ol’ Goofy World

I am happy to report that I have not turned into a ginger plant.
Between the week I battled a nasty virus and the following ten days – which was our Fall Fundraiser – I seemed to subsist on hand sanitizer and ginger tea. Does anyone have nightmares of morphing into a ginger plant? Just getting that thought must be an indication that Halloween remains in the air…

At this time we do find ourselves steadily traversing the orange brick road between Halloween and Thanksgiving. On that road, we will no doubt encounter reminders of songs we associate with certain times, episodes, and even specific people. Funny how music does that, eh? A bunch of those connections came at me very unexpectedly on October 25th… Read More…