WUMB December Program Guide

From the Studio

Summer Reading with Dave Palmater

Really, how many Danielle Steele novels can you read in one summer? If you’re looking for some light, but educational, late summer reading, I have some suggestions. And cheap ones, because, I’ll admit it, I haunt the book racks in the Dollar Stores, Under 5s and Job Lot stores of all varieties. You probably know that books, once they leave the shelves of your local book store, hit the remainder table. Their next stop, before becoming recycling, or door stops, or something, is the Dollar Store. There, for a buck or so, you can find some enjoyable reading now that you’ve consumed that stack of paperbacks that you’ve been toting from beach to beach. Here are a few of my favorite “cheapo” finds. Read More…

That’s Right, I’m Not From Texas

As I’m not on the air on a regular basis, doing a show is more fun than it used to be. Work on the air on my birthday? Sure. Come back from a trip and go on the air the first day back? OK. Because I’m on the air sharing music and stories that are enjoyable to pass along.

Recently a small portion of my brain – probably stemming from exposure to celebrity gossip magazines and “Reality” TV – has wondered if I’m a little cursed on the air. Now, I’m a rational guy, but I did happen to notice that when I went away in January, three entertainers died that week (David Bowie most notably). In late April I was filling in on the air. Fifteen minutes before going on, I was checking the internet for any information tidbits that might be useful for the show…and I saw that Prince had passed away. Two minutes after going on the air the phone rings. A listener asks, “did you hear about Prince, is it true?” Read More…

General Station Information

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Susan Cattanneo

One of my favorite people to have worked with over the years in New England radio is a woman named Jane Laier.  Jane was a passionate music radio DJ, very knowledgeable about the artists she cared about, and – without trying to be – very funny!  Sometimes I hear her voice talking about lyrics.  She once told me, “I…am a lyric freak.”  I, on the other hand, have never been a lyric freak.  How I admired the people in high school who knew the lyrics to songs.  I had a hard time even understanding the words in the songs I heard on the radio.

Maybe that’s why when I do notice a lyric, it’s as though it comes out and grabs me.  And I hold on to it.

My friend Jane once pointed out a Nick Lowe song called “Mary Provost.”  The first two lines manage to describe all you need to know about Mary Provost’s entire life.  What an amazing skill for a writer.

I thought of that song the first time I saw Susan Cattaneo play at a little club in Union Square, Somerville about five years ago.  She performed a song called “Whiskey Into Tears” (not to be confused with her song “I’m Worth The Whiskey”).  The first line of the song has eight words.  The way she delivered them…I got it.  The line just came out and whacked me upside the emotional solar plexus.  I took a drink…then it took me.  My imagination got with the program, so to speak, and filled in the rest ahead of the following line.  Eight words that described a character’s rise and fall, struggles, and…hopefully…redemption.  All in eight words.  That skill blows me away. Read More…

Special Features on WUMB

You already know that WUMB presents a great lineup of shows throughout the week. But do you know about all of the terrific special features that run during the day, Monday through Friday? Read More…

Music Magazines with Dave

Hi, my name is Dave and I have a problem. Actually I have many, but I’m talking about my paper problem. Specifically magazines. I just can’t throw them out. I just can’t let go of any of ‘em. Not even the computer magazine that announced the latest thing from Apple: the Mac +. I have stacks of Hemmings Motor News (The Bible of the Old Car Hobby) dating back decades. I don’t know why, at this point in time, I’d really need to know the average selling price of a ’56 Morris Minor in 1972, but I still can’t recycle them. Read More…

Programming with Jay Moberg

I just wanted to take a second and say thank you to everyone who’s been listening and supporting WUMB!  We’re not out of Winter quite yet but nevertheless we’re looking forward to Spring.  We have a LOT of exciting things happening behind the scenes at WUMB and I’d like to share some of what’s taking place:

Guest Mix.  You might remember Guest Mix from years back at WUMB.  It was a really terrific show where musicians and industry folk were able to play Guest DJ and play songs that inspired them to get into music, what they’re currently listening to, songs they wish they’d written etc.  Over the years I’ve heard many of you ask about potentially bringing it back.  Because of your support for WUMB, we were able to hire a part time producer to work specifically on this show and the good news is that we’re almost there!  I can’t give you an exact time table of when Guest Mix will be ready to launch but I expect sometime in April you’ll find out. Read More…

Daves Amazon Adventure

I finally succumbed and took an Amazon Prime Membership.  Not for the free 2-Day shipping but for the videos. I wanted to see the show they produced based on the Harry Bosch novels. And who could resist Transparent, which not only stars Jeffrey Tambor but was created by Jill Soloway, sister of song-writer Faith Soloway.

Over all, I found the whole “Prime Video” thing a little hard to navigate, and was, perhaps, overcome by the sheer amount of things available. If you have found yourself in the same situation, let me offer a couple of suggestions. OK, three to be exact: A performance film, A music documentary, and a “movie” movie.

The Broken Circle Breakdown is a film from Belgium, which revolves around a bluegrass band. No I didn’t know that American bluegrass was big in Belgium either, but apparently it is, at least enough so that it features in a movie. The plot is a bit of a soap opera. Love story, child dying of cancer, etc., but the warm relationship among the band members make it worth seeing. There is also the music, which is amazing. It’s all performed by the cast so when you see them playing, it’s them that you’re hearing. The movie was filmed in Dutch and is only available with English subtitles. This is not a problem for two reasons: all the songs are in English, and there isn’t much dialog. They tend to follow the old theater adage “Show, don’t tell.” Speaking of that, there is some skin and sex in the movie, which means you probably don’t want to watch it with your kids, your parents or both.   Read More…

The Music You’re Looking for Is Playing Here On WUMB!!

Have you taken a close look at WUMB’s program schedule lately?  We are serving up the same 24/7 slate of folk, blues, roots, Americana and world music you’ve come to expect, but there have also been some exciting additions and changes.

Monday – Friday, Brendan Hogan is now the host of The Morning Show, filling the hours from 6-10 AM with a great mix of music, commentary and a variety of special features. Dave Palmater takes over at 10 and keeps the music flowing until 3 PM with a different special feature every weekday at noon. From 3 PM to 7 PM Albert O. takes us through the afternoon rush, and Jess Phaneuf provides the soundtrack to your evening from 7-10 PM. The nationally syndicated World Café follows from 10 PM to midnight, and the WUMB Music Mix takes us through the night from midnight until 6 AM. Read More…

Local Folk with Patrick Coman

Every Saturday from noon to 2:00 PM, Patrick Coman presents Local Folk, featuring musicians who call the New England area home. Each week Patrick serves up a sampling of the region’s best folk, roots, blues and Americana. And Patrick can tell you why he is perfectly positioned to find and have access to these artists: “As a proud Boston-based musician and former booker/sound engineer/musician wrangler at local venues like Club Passim, Johnny D’s, Atwood’s, and the New England Americana Festival, I keep my ear to the ground for some of the best up-and-coming performers from throughout the rich New England music community.” Patrick also brings much more to Local Folk than recorded music: “In addition to live in-studio performances and in-depth looks at the music scene in the region’s music hubs, we also look back on famous artists who got their start right here in New England with our weekly “Hometown Heroes” segment.”

As a performer, Patrick plays “the reds and blues.” Merging bluesy barroom shuffles with the red dirt of his native Oklahoma,  he has garnered fans for his upbeat and contemporary take on traditional American music.  He also founded and presents “For the Sake of the Song,” a concert series in which regional artists pair songs by their greatest influence with their own original work.  You can read more about Patrick on his website, and on his WUMB Announcers page.

Whether you want to learn more about the artists who call New England home or you like to celebrate the musicians who frequent your favorite local haunts, tune in to 91.9 FM each week to get an earful of Local Folk, or listen online at wumb.org.