WUMB September Program Guide

From the Studio

Mark Knopfler – Underrated Virtuoso

Eric Clapton was considered a guitar God…at least according to a famous bit of graffiti painted on a London wall in 1966.  So where does that put a virtuoso player like Mark Knopfler? Is it blasphemous to hold Knopfler on equal footing with Clapton? This is one of those arguments that can go on indefinitely among guitar-player aficionados. Can you really choose between a Stratocaster and a Les Paul? Read More…

The WUMB Music Meeting

There’s not a week that goes by that I don’t get numerous questions from WUMB Members sent my way.  It usually ends up being the proverbial Whitman’s Sampler of questions like “What year did that song come out?”, “Who was the singer in the background?”, or “I’ve never heard that song…where do I find it?”  All of course are excellent questions and I never mind answering them…but one of the most popular questions I get is “How do you select your music?”.  So with that, I figured maybe pulling back the curtain and explaining how we select our music might be an interesting topic. Read More…

19 Songs with Perry Persoff

Happy New Year!  And looking back, Happy New Music on WUMB.

My “Top 10” new songs of the year typically expands to 38-40 tracks, basically a double album’s worth.  But for whatever reason, I got lazy in the middle of 2014 and did not write down songs as they hit me.  You know, the “I don’t have to write it down I’ll remember it” syndrome.

I’ll wait while you say, “famous last words.”  I deserved that.

Just the same, I still got a good list of only 19 songs that would make a fine traveling companion whether on a long drive or listening on the sofa through headphones.

Read More…

The Music of Inside Llewyn Davis

They played it on Showtime again this week. It’s called  “Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the music of  ‘Inside Llewyn Davis'”,  but it’s really a celebration of American Folk music in general. Put together by T-Bone Burnett,  it features musicians and actors who were in the movie, like Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan, Marcus Mumford (who recorded a duo with Isaac for the soundtrack), and a whole bunch of musicians that Burnett has produced or used in other movie projects.  That includes Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings, The Secret Sisters, The Punch Brothers and Rhiannon Giddens, who has a new album produced by T-Bone that will be out shortly. In addition,  there are performances by Joan Baez (!) Dirk Powell (from Joan’s band) Elvis Costello,  Keb Mo and Bob Dylan’s friend and road manager, Bob Neuwirth.

There is a new CD of music from the show, which is why I mention it at this point in time.  It means that Showtime will probably be airing the show to promote the album a few times in the near future and I thought you could catch it that way.  Of course you could always buy the “Instant Video” from Amazon.  If you decided to do that, you know the deal by now, visit WUMB.ORG first and click on the Amazon logo so a portion of the proceeds of your purchase will be donated to the station.

Thanks and enjoy……

Dave Palmater

Caitlin Canty and Reckless Skyline

Caitlin Canty is a singer songwriter originally from Vermont who now resides in Brooklyn and has a killer new album set for release on January 20th called Reckless Skyline.  I remember the first time I heard Caitlin’s music a few years ago when I was (of all things) cleaning my office.  This is where you have to picture literally hundreds of cds coming into the station month after month.  It’s very fun but at the same time a very tedious job of going through and trying to spot those that will be hits, those that are duds, and those that are the proverbial diamond in the rough.  After cleaning off my desk I stumbled upon an album called Golden Hour.  I can’t remember WHY I put the cd in…but I do remember being pleasantly surprised.  I realized at that moment that Caitlin is a very gifted singer songwriter and she recorded this album with grace and precise production, the kind of record that sounds perfect on a Sunday morning. Read More…

Season’s Readings

Even forty years after his death by a possibly intentional drug overdose, Nick Drake remains an enigma. Forty years on from his incomplete last album, generations of new fans continue to discover his music. His music remains as enigmatic as his short life, and equally intriguing. There have been a handful of books that have tried to detail his life. The best know is Patrick Humphries’ Nick Drake: The Biography. A well respected music writer and researcher, Humphries tries to tease out the realities of Drake’s life through interviews with friends and contemporaries. Using much the same approach, Trevor Dann’s Darker Than the Deepest Sea: The Search for Nick Drake, indulges in some amount of speculation to fill in the blanks. Read More…

Jay’s End of Year Music Review

Wrapping up 2014

It’s hard to imagine that snow is on the ground (depending on where you live) and we’re in the last month of 2014.  To say the year went by fast is an understatement, but to say the year was great for music is pretty spot on.  I’d like to take a second and review the five albums you need to hear for the year 2014…in no particular order: Read More…

Local Spotlight

You should always support your local music scene and we do just that at WUMB!  We are incredibly lucky to have so many local musicians and we do our best here on the WUMB morning show to bring them to you.  Every Friday morning at 9:30 I do a feature called Local Spotlight.  I’ll feature a different local musician or band, and then we tell their story and bring you some of their music.  It might be Mark Erelli to Aofie O’Donovan to Tim Gearan to Ellis Paul to Lake Street Dive.   Some of these musicians call Boston their home, while others have called it their home for a period in their career.  Whatever the case, I’m proud to call Boston my home and love supporting Local Music.  So please tune in every Friday morning at 9:30 for Local Spotlight.

Always support your local music scene while it’s still local!

Want to tell me about a local musician or band?  Feel free to email me!


Americana At It’s Finest!

One of the really interesting parts of my job here at WUMB, is to once in a while connect with folks on a national level and meet them at various conferences across the country.  I just had an amazing experience in Nashville last week for the Americana Music Association (AMA for short) Conference.  Networking and talking to other folks across the country is always part of the mission, but it always comes down to the music.  Say what you will about Nashville, but I don’t know that I’ve ever been to a city where there are so many venues, musicians and industry people.  It got me thinking as to what defines Americana? Read More…

Remembering Eric Darling

Erik Darling is one of the forgotten about figures of the folk revival. Perhaps this is because so much of his work was as a part of groups that achieved fame (and hit records,) and as a sideman and a session guy who contributed to dozens and dozens of albums and soundtracks.  Raised in Canandaigua, NY, he came to Greenwich Village in the early 50s, where he formed a group with fellow banjo virtuoso Roger Sprung and Bob Carey (later of The Tarriers) called The Folksay Trio.  This trio recorded a song that folklorist Frank Warner had collected from Frank Proffit called “Tom Dooley” which later became a major hit by The Kingston Trio and started what many of us call the “Great Folk Scare.” Read More…