WUMB December Program Guide

From the Studio

On the Road

“What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain until you see their specks dispersing?  It’s the too huge world vaulting us, and it’s goodbye.  But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”

–Jack Kerouac, On The Road. Read More…

Summer Leaving

I just LOVE summer nights.  Love, love, love them.  Not sticky humid 90 degrees at 9pm.  Yet warm enough, with just the right amount of comfortable cool to be a welcome relief from flypaper-joke conditions of the day.    There is something so liberating about a warm night.  We usually shut down at night.  But when it’s warm enough to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes at dark, it’s like the evening whispering in your ear, “go ahead—play a little longer…dance outside to some music…smile a little longer.”  Read More…

England with Dave

It seems to me that we are only beginning to harness the true power of the internet, that being the ability to make massive volumes of content easily available to one and all. A new Folk Music related resources has recently come online and I’d like to highlight that as well as a couple of other projects that may be of interest. Read More…

Did You Know…..with Brendan Hogan

Did you know that Bobby Bland – one of the great Memphis soul/blues singers of B.B. King’s generation who passed away at the end of June at the age of 83 – recently discovered that fellow Memphis bluesman James Cotton is his half brother? Cotton is still making great music with the release of his new record “Cotton Mouth Man”, which you can hear throughout the week on WUMB.

Summer has arrived!

Summer makes you feel life’s possibilities:  Places to go, events to experience, outdoor activities to participate in.  Even just taking a leisurely walk in the early evening is kind of exhilarating.  It’s light until the 8 o’clock hour—how great is that?!?

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Traditional Folk with John Gersh

Trad Folk once again blurs the lines between vintage blues, bluegrass, old-time country, country and western, western swing, honky-tonk, hillbilly, rockabilly, truck driving songs and more!  Read More…

Dark Was the Night

Tune in Saturday, June 10th!  I will be celebrating my 10th year in radio. During the 10pm hour I will play and talk about songs that got me interested in blues, roots and songwriter, inspiring me into my career.

See you there!
-Brendan Hogan
Dark Was the Night
Saturday 8p-Midnight


Did you know:
Memphis blues guitarist Pat Hare – who had one of the first distorted electric guitar sounds on record – recorded a song in 1954 at Sun Studio called “I’m Gonna Murder My Baby”, and in 1963 he did just that. Hare shot dead his girlfriend and a responding Chicago police officer and spent the rest of his life in prison

Dark Was the Night

– Did you know Little Walter was a big part of Muddy Waters’ electrified Chicago blues sound in the early 50s, but decided to front his own group when a patron in a bar tipped Little Walter less than the rest of Muddy’s band? We’ll celebrate the music of Walter in recognition of his birthday on 5/1.

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Happy Birthday to Mr. Dylan!

May has got to be one of my favorite months in the year for so many reasons…too many to mention here.  On top of the obvious weather references May is a darn fine month for musical birthdays as well.  Pete Seeger, Judy Collins and more all call May their month….but on the 24th it’s the birthday of Bob Dylan.

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Troubled Times – New Recordings from North of the Border

In just the last couple of months new albums have arrived from three of my favorite Canadian Singer/Songwriters. All three arrived with basically the same message: recorded after suffering some troubled times.

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