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Miss Tess Live At the Burren

Our most recent Third Thursday at the Burren was a homecoming show for Miss Tess, who spent many years based in the Boston area. She recently relocated to Nashville, where she and her band recorded a good portion of their latest album, Baby We All Know.

It was another exciting night of live radio, and we had the biggest turnout yet with a sold out back room. Tommy McCarthy, owner of the Burren, was in the house too, and he was happy to see the success of our collaboration!

Damn Tall Buildings play our next Third Thursday, on January 19th! Live broadcast begins at 6pm, show starts at 7:30pm.

-Jess Phaneuf

Ian Fitzgerald – Live at The Burren recap

Our November Third Thursday at The Burren was our first with just a voice and guitar on stage…and the result was pretty magical. Ian Fitzgerald is soft-spoken but extremely funny, with a hairstyle that makes you wonder if he stuck his finger in an electric socket! I don’t feel too bad describing him this way, since he poked fun at his appearance from the stage, informing radio listeners that he looks “ridiculous”.  His witty on stage banter was perfectly balanced with his gorgeous, heavily felt lyrics.

Ian’s sound is perfectly quiet and thoughtful, and his delivery is effortless. He treated us to a mix of old and new songs, and before his set, I got a chance to ask him about the recording process for his new record. For the first time, he experienced a true collaborative effort in the making of the album “You Won’t Even Know I’m Gone”, with nearly a dozen musicians adding their talents to the mix, like Smith & Weeden, and MorganEve Swain (of Brown Bird), among others. Unlike his previous release, which was recorded in less than a week, this new album took over a year to finish… but it was well worth the wait.

Our Third Thursday series LIVE at the Burren continues with Miss Tess and the Talkbacks on 12/15 and Damn Tall Buildings 1/16.   Visit WUMB.ORG for info on how you can get tickets!  WUMB Members receive a special discount.

From the Desk of the Program Director

Before I begin, let me take a very brief moment to thank you!  I’d like to personally thank you if you donated/listened/cheered us on etc during our Fall Fundraiser.  We had one of the best Fundraisers we’ve ever had in the history of the station and that shows me that you’re enjoying what you’re hearing.  Now that you’ve done your part, it’s our turn.  We’ll make sure we use this money wisely and to continue to create new programming and new events for our Members.

Now…onto business!

We’ve got a very exciting November coming up and I’d like to share a few of the many events and programs that are happening.

New episodes of Folk Tales and Guest Mix are on the way.  We heard you loud and clear during our Fundraiser that you love these shows and want to hear more of them!  We’re working on it!  Currently Folk Tales is on at 7am on Saturdays and Guest Mix is on at 7pm.  We’re currently working on getting both of those programs more desirable time slots. Read More…

WUMB at The Burren

The kickoff to our “Third Thursday” series at The Burren in Somerville was an exciting night! Christian McNeill & friends played a killer set on the back room stage and we carried the show live on our airwaves. There’s always a neat atmosphere during a live radio broadcast. I noticed folks glancing over to realize that I was up to something, with my mic and headphones in the corner of the room…later, the audience was hushed as the musicians took their positions, and I was ready to do an intro, but we had about a minute before our last song played on WUMB. I stood grinning on the side of the stage, in the somewhat awkward silence, waiting to be cued by Patrick Coman, who was on the phone with the folks back at the station. It only added to that element of excitement…I could tell the audience really felt like a part of LIVE RADIO, which is a rare and special thing these days.

Big thanks to Tom Bianchi, who works tirelessly at the Burren and elsewhere in the Boston music scene, and thanks to Christian for being our guinea pig. We’ve got more live broadcasts to come, thanks to Patrick, who has booked some exciting acts (see below). More thank yous go out to our engineer, Grady Moates, who set up all the tech, and to our Program Director Jay Moberg, who came up with this great idea! We say it a lot, but it can’t be said enough – without listener support, we wouldn’t be able to do these kinds of things, so a big THANK YOU to our listeners and supporters.

Upcoming Thursdays LIVE at the Burren:

10/27 – Samantha Farrell


11/17 – Ian Fitzgerald


12/15 – Miss Tess & The Talkbacks


1/19 – Damn Tall Buildings



Jess Phaneuf
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WUMB Presents: The Burren Concert Series

For quite some time I’ve been promising some big news and this month I finally get to spill the beans!

WUMB is very pleased to announce a new partnership with The Burren in Somerville.  Each 3rd Thursday of every month (except for October) we’re going to be sponsoring a live concert and broadcast at the Burren.  Tickets will go on sale to the general public for each show, but WUMB Members get a very big discount!

We’re excited about this for a number of reasons but the biggest is to be able to celebrate Local Music.  The Burren has been essential to the local music scene over the years and we think this is going to be a tremendous partnership!

So here are the details:  Christian McNeill (who is incredible) will be our first featured guest on Thursday, September 15th.  If you’d like to purchase tickets you can do so here:  https://tickets.burren.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=75.

Tickets are 12.00 to the general public, 16.00 day of, but WUMB Members only pay 5.00.  Use the coupon code WUMB919

If you can’t make it this month it’s okay!  Again, we’re doing this EVERY MONTH.  If you don’t live locally or can’t get into town you can listen live as it happens at wumb.org.

Can you tell we’re excited about this?  We hope to see you there!


Jay Moberg

WUMB Music & Program Director


WUMB Presents American Traditional Song Symposium 

SAVE THE DATES:  On November 18 & 19 WUMB, in association with UMass Boston, the Folksong Society of Greater Boston and the Country Dance and Song Society of America will present a two-day event focused on “the rich and varied voice of American life, history and culture.”

Read More…

Come Make Music With Us This Fall!

Registration is now open for WUMB’s very first Fall Acoustic Music Weekend, which will take place October 7 – 9 at the Grotonwood Conference Center in Groton, MA. Join us for a full schedule of classes, concerts, camaraderie and great guided and free-style jam sessions, in this beautiful setting nestled within the New England autumn woods.

Read More…