• Classes

  • Winter Weekend 2020

A playful class to introduce (or perhaps re-introduce) you to the charms and delights of the mandolin. We’ll cover tuning, basic right and left-hand techniques and even learn a tune or two.

Ring, ring the banjo!  Some basic techniques on the right and left hands to discover or to review.  We’ll take a look at tablature, and also play by ear as you find your way to some great sounds on this five-string wonder.

Come savor the sound of the Appalachian (fretted) dulcimer as we create lovely music together. I’ll have a few extra instruments too if you are an interested novice who wants to give it a try.

Master fiddler John Kirk offers a hands-on “meet the fiddle and give it a try” session.

Players and singers – come enjoy making music from America, and around the world. Emphasis on ensemble intuition, playing by ear, and lifetime personal music making skills (transposition, harmonizing, etc.).

Join Bennett for this diagnostic and therapeutic guitar coaching session.

Love the idea of playing guitar? Trish will help you make friends with this wonderful instrument and find what you need to build a lasting relationship as a first time or returning-for-review player.

Learn this lively Bennett song, and learn plenty of useful guitar chops en route.

We will look at both a flatpicked lead and appropriate rhythm for fiddle tune backup. Challenging, and fun.

Looking for your own voice in a jam session? Come learn how to mix it up and keep it fun. How to play chord fragments and easy accompaniments all over the place!

If you’re tired of straight strumming on all your tunes, let’s start putting those fingers to work! We’ll learn the basics of how to “separate out” one’s thumb and fingers and then get them all working together.

The construction and constituent parts of the mandolin, how each contributes to the functionality of the mandolin as a whole, as well as setup tweaks that you can do yourself to improve playability. This class looks at how to take care of your instrument as well as how to identify when things are amiss.

Learn playing techniques that will serve you and your mandolin well in any musical style. Even brush up a bit on your Bach!

A look the most common bluegrass and folk progressions and the mandolin as a great medium for playing rhythm along with them, and we’ll unlock a fundamental secret to navigating the mandolin fingerboard.

Let theory be your friend as you learn how to find and sing the Harmony part.

John Doerschuk, soundman extraordinaire, will coach sessions for folks who want hands on performance experience at the microphone.

We’ll highlight rhythm & include several styles of percussive footwork. Come and dance, or come to watch, listen and learn about this dance form. Lots of fun either way!

First some vocal warmups and then plenty of heartwarming songs.

Come play with possibilities! The focus will be on melody.

Writing about historical events or people is a great way to get out of your own head, learn to write more empathetically about the world around you, and create powerful (subtle) commentary on present day issues. We’ll learn some of the tricks of great historical writers and apply them to our own tunes.

What makes language pop and stick in our heads? Why and how do songwriters use patterns to draw in their listeners? Once we’ve created “rules” for a song, when’s the right time to break them? We’ll explore some successful lyric-centric songs and work on our own.

First some frailing and drop-thumb refresher tunes, and then on to song accompaniment. We’ll play around with the g, D-G-A-D tuning too.