“Brooks’ Blues” introduces the player to one classic blues song each session. We’ll learn the song in its most basic form: lyrics, melody and chords. Then we’ll delve into the exciting elements that make a blues song work, including blues rhythms, bluesy sounding chords, and those ever-delicious blues riffs. We’ll look at a wide range of classics: 8-bar and 12-bar blues, jump and barrelhouse blues, quick changes, and turnarounds. Learn a few new chord shapes and a couple riffs, but mostly add a new song or two to your repertoire. Your fans are gonna love it. And you won’t have to wear sunglasses unless you want to do so! All these techniques will be learned through songs by the likes of Bessie Smith, Pink Anderson, Lightning Hopkins, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and the ever mysterious ‘Traditional,’ to name but a few. All levels welcome, but many ideas will be geared for the player who knows the first position chords (like: E, A, B7, G, C, D7 and F, etc.). What to bring? A guitar, picks and a capo.  All levels