Sometimes you hear a recording of your heroes and it seems entirely unattainable.  Sometimes it’s a whole “sound” a musician has and sometimes you covet specific “licks” or a piece of a sound that you want to use in your music like creating a patch-work quilt. And you simply have no idea how to approach it. Sometimes you have many influences. This class helps dismantle the myth of unattainable sounds and focuses on how to approach incorporating some particular “sounds” that you love into your playing and how you can carve out your own signature sound in the process.  We’ll talk about some signature sounds by various musicians (and listen to them) and demonstrate different approaches to folding your favorite sounds into your playing. By listening to traditional recordings or using some of the internet tools (YouTube backing tracks, apps) there are many simple (and free!) tools available to help you, depending on the ways that you enjoy learning. We will also touch on songwriting – in the blues vein and the context of the class – if time permits.