‘Repertoire Americana’ is a repertoire building workshop that focuses on some classics in the broadly defined ‘Americana’ genre. We’ll learn the basics of the song – melody, lyrics, chords and rhythm – then we’ll delve into some possible ways to arrange the song for performance. Topics include the form of the song, the strumming or picking rhythms, the possibility for instrumental breaks or interludes. The techniques are fun and expansive and the songs are sublime. What’s not to love? Songs will be chosen from the likes of Lori McKenna, Emmy Lou Harris/Gram Parsons, Woody Guthrie/Billy Bragg/Wilco, Guy Clark, Rosanne Cash, Tim O’Brien, Nanci Griffith and Dave Alvin, to name but a few. are welcome, but many ideas will be geared for the player who knows the first position chords (like: E, A, B7, G, C, D7 and F, etc.). What to bring? A guitar, picks and a capo. Cowboy hat and boots optional.  All levels