Melvin Wine was born April 20, 1909, in Stout’s Run, Braxton County, West Virginia to a particularly musical family. His mother and grandfather were ballad singers and his father and great-grandfather were fine fiddlers. Melvin received both the Vandalia award as well as a National Heritage Fellowship by the National Endowment for the Arts and was considered a national treasure. Although a master musician with a very traditional style Melvin was known most for his warm nature and hospitality. He played fiddle right up until he passed away – a month before his 94th birthday. His music was beautiful, archaic and from another time. Melvin was Erynn’s mentor and friend for many years and she wrote a book about him and other WV fiddlers and singers called, Music in the Air Somewhere.  In this class we will share some stories of Melvin Wine and Erynn will teach some of his signature fiddle tunes (with bowing and ornaments) that were passed down in his family for generations. Video-taping is welcome. Recording devices are encouraged.   Int/Adv