Eric’s love affair with the guitar began in 1959. He started teaching in the early Sixties and before long became the second-half of a duo with his cousin, Dave Laibman, helping Dave perform his amazing, ground-breaking arrangements of classical ragtime. Their album, Contemporary Ragtime Guitar, on Folkways Records, is considered a classic and remains a benchmark for today’s fingerstyle players.

In the early Seventies Eric began touring the United States, Europe and Japan playing his innovative arrangements of the classical rags, traditional folk and Celtic music, the blues, country, and The Beatles, and making a lasting contribution to the fingerstyle repertoire. Eric also released two solo albums, Acoustic Guitar and Steel Strings, on Rounder Records. He continues to perform (Australia, in 2005) and record, most recently with Richard Scholtz on Late Night Conversations, and has written a book, Fingerpicking Beatles.

Eric runs a concert series out of his Tiburon guitar shop, where, as an acknowledged expert in vintage instruments, Eric appraises old Martins, Gibsons, Stellas, and the like. The shop, Eric Schoenberg Guitars, was recently called one of the ten best in the U.S. to visit to learn about vintage guitars.