Sally Rogers began her career as a full-time touring musician in 1979, after encouragement from Stan Rogers, the legendary Canadian singer-songwriter.  That was followed by an invitation from Garrison Keillor to appear on  A Prairie Home Companion.  She appeared more than a dozen times on that show, which launched her performing career.  Her travels have since taken her to Europe, China, Hungary and Poland, England and Scotland and across the United States.

Some of her songs are included in both the Unitarian and Quaker hymnals. She has produced a kids’video, and one of her children’s songs was published by E.P. Dutton as the picture book, Earthsong. She has written a chapter in Ellipsis Arts’ book, Open Ears, which includes chapters by other luminaries such as Shari Lewis, Baba Olatunji, Mickey Hart, Pete Seeger and others. Her four albums for children are released on Thrushwood Kids, her own label for quality children’s recordings.

Sally has released fifteen albums, not including several collaborative projects with other artists. Her latest album with Claudia Schmidt, Evidence of Happiness was released in May 2012. We’ll Pass Them On (Red House Records) is her most recent solo endeavor. On this recording, Sally performs half original material and half traditional ballads and songs.

Although much of Rogers’ time is spent teaching music in the public schools and being an artist‐in‐residence these days, she continues to perform in concerts as opportunities arise. Her gorgeous singing voice, boundless energy and good humor are welcomed from coast to coast.