Stuart Kenney is one of the most popular upright bass and five-string banjo players on the U.S. contra dance and acoustic folk music circuit. His regional musical interests sweep from Southwest Louisiana to Acadia and back to New England. Stuart toured with the late cajun master fiddler Mr. Dewey Balfa. He is a founding member of many great bands including The JEMS, StringRays, Tidal Wave, The Sevens, Airdance, and he spent 14 years touring with the legendary contra dance band Wild Asparagus. After contributing to more than 50 studio recordings, in 2014 he released his highly acclaimed solo recording, Red Case, featuring his original compositions–hauntingly beautiful melodies and ancient rhythms. In addition, Stuart’s innovative teaching style has been presented at Jay Ungar’s Fiddle and Dance, Maine Fiddle Camp, Port Townsend Fiddle Tunes, Pinewoods American Week, Bay Area CDS American Week (where he was Program Director for 2015 and 2016), and countless folk music and dance events around the country and overseas.  Although Stuart’s music has brought him coast to coast and beyond, his musical home is at the Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield, MA, where he plays for and hosts the TopHill Music and Dance Series.